Nam Yum

The Trading Center is an integrated service platform for international cultural artifacts trading. It adopts the advanced block chain and Beidou navigation tracking technology to establish a transparent traceability system for the cultural artifacts. It also adopts property insurance and appraisal liability insurance for the genuineness of the products and set up a product data bank as an authorized ACBD centre for product registration. It puts art exhibition, bonded storage, evaluation, Pledge pawn, auction, insurance, small loan funds, crowd funding and arbitration into the process so as to expand the cultural artifacts market from a limited size onto a real mass market. Doing so enables it to synergize cultural artifact resources of countries and regions of its members comprehensively. Upholding the principles of “equity, openness and inclusiveness”, the Trading Center offers one-stop industry chain services and an eSilkroad for cultural artifacts to its members. The Trading Centre will become a pricing and management centre for the cultural artifacts exchanges around the world.